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Are you an Educational Institution that would like to use our Course for training your students?

Or maybe a Campaign Consultant or Coach who would incorporate this Course as a base training for your clients?

Or a Church or Parachurch Ministry that wants to train up your community to both run Christian Conservative candidates and be the local support system that assures their success?

Or maybe you want to buy a bulk license and resell the course to your sphere of influence?

Regardless, let's talk!  Volume License pricing starts with as few as 10 seats.


CLICK HERE NOW to contact us about our Volume Licensing.  (And please put "Volume Licensing" in the subject line.)

We look forward to partnering with you to raise up wonderful Christian Conservative Candidates, Campaign Consultants/Managers, Pastors, Volunteers, and others who want to run for office or help others to do so, in order to glorify God through government!  Thanks!

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